About Us

Welcome to OurLocalBrews.com! Our purpose in life is to connect people in small and large communities around the world with microbrewers and brewpubs to share in our love affair with all things beer. OurLocalBrews.com was founded in 2012 in Traverse City, Michigan. We're a small but dedicated crew of four brew experts who are passionate about the craft of local brewing, beers, and discovering out of this world breweries. And we want to share that passion with you, our visitor. We're working hard to grow our website into the preeminent resource for beer enthusiasts the world over. We do that by providing helpful articles on all aspects of beer-making, insightful blog posts about national and international brews, and giving resource links about all things beer. But most important of all, our goal is to bring attention to breweries around the world and encourage their patronage so everyone will experience the joy of tasting the unique and delicious flavor of a local brew. If that isn't enough, we'll also report on exciting beer events around the world, whether it's a beer jog in Central Park, New York or a beer festival in Bavaria, Germany. If it's about beer, we're there with our mugs held high! So take a spin around our site and taste a few samples of what we have to offer. We think we'll tickle your buds and you'll come back again, and again.